ABBEESWAXWARPS | Food Wraps | The Whole Hive

ABBEESWAXWARPS | Food Wraps | The Whole Hive

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ABBEESWAXWRAPS is your perfect eco-friendly swap to plastic wrap. Made from 100% cotton infused with our beeswax mixture, these wraps create a fun and easy alternative! Easy to clean. Fun patterns. Cover almost anything!


Want to level up your kitchen and lunch boxes??

The Whole Hive is the perfect addition! With one of each size, you can do almost anything.

One of each size - save $8 by getting the set!

  • 1 x XL (40x45cm) - great for covering dishes and bread
  • 1 x Large (33x35cm) - large sandwiches, leftovers on a plate, cheese
  • 1 x Medium (28x30cm) - sandwiches, small bowls, 
  • 1 x Small 18x20cm) - biscuits, half an avocado, nuts

*The patterns will be similar to pictured, however, they may come in different sizes due to availability. If we are sold out of a type to make a pack we will contact you for an alternative. 


Please note the wraps are handmade so there may be small variations.

☑️NZ Made   ☑️Naturally Antibacterial   ☑️ Reusable & biodegradable