24kt Pep Me Up Smoother Lines Moisturiser

24kt Pep Me Up Smoother Lines Moisturiser

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Smoother Lines Moisturiser

Firm + Plump

Normal - Dry Skin

24kt Gold Firming & Plumping For A Glowing Radiance

Net Weight: 125g 1.69 fl.oz

Nahaia Pep Me Up is a luxurious moisturiser that helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while improving skin firmness and providing deep hydration with hyaluronic acid crystals. Silky smooth premium 24kt Gold anti oxidant moisturiser that helps to tighten & smooth fine lines and wrinkles by at least 26% reduction in wrinkles in 3 weeks or less.


For skin clarity and brightness choose Pep Me Up as your twice a day moisturiser. Use on top of radiant light serum or on its own. For your Shimmering Golden Glow moisturiser we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.


Contains all organic ingredients, using the peptide of the hibiscus seed and beta carotene for high level anti wrinkle and hydration with crystal hyaluronic acid giving maximum hydration.